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Meet the TECTERRA Awards Judges!

Posted                     The 2020 Awards Winners will be announced via video at 10:00 AM on Thursday, September 17, 2020.
We live in an uncertain world right now.
With many uncertainties around live events, public health and safety concerns, and travel restrictions, we’ve decided to go digital.
The TECTERRA Awards were.
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Posted      ,                         .

TECTERRA announces a temporary hold on funding programs

Due to a high volume of applications for support, .

TECTERRA has exceeded the maximum number of projects they can support at this time

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Posted June 09, 2020     technology,  podcast,  Portfolio Story,  ,  mapscaping,  positioning                           Geospatial technology is evolving faster than ever in today’s digital world.
Our friends at the MapScaping Podcast shine a spotlight on the amazing things that individuals and companies are doing in the field of geospatial.
Last week Matt Lowe, .

Co-founder & CEO of ZeroKey – a TECTERRA

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Meet the TECTERRA Awards Judges!.
Posted June 09, 2020     awards,  success,  judges,  celebrate                       The TECTERRA Awards wouldn’t be possible without the support and expertise the judges bring.
The members of the Judging Panel represent various areas of the industry and are responsible for scoring the submissions and ultimately determining winners in each category.
Here, we introduce you to each.
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Posted May 07, 2020     athome,  team                       The TECTERRA team has been working from home for several weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but that has not stopped us from making the most of it.
We’re working hard to align funding with the right companies, and all alongside our at-home colleagues.
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Industry News: April.
Posted May 05, 2020     ,  ,                        Read More.
Industry News: March.
Posted April 06, 2020     ,  ,                        Read More.

TECTERRA Announces Role as Official Organizer of FOSS4G Calgary

Posted March 10, 2020     geospatial,  ,  geospatial is everywhere,  open source,  developers                     Alongside a volunteer local organizing committee from across western Canada, TECTERRA has taken lead in the planning and production of the internationally acclaimed Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G) 2020, OSGeo’s annual global conference held in a different city each year since.
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Industry News: February.
Posted March 09, 2020     ,  ,                        Read More.
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